New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Travellers are no longer required to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration to enter New Zealand. New Zealand’s COVID-19 entry requirements were removed on 20 October 2022.

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What is the New Zealand Traveller Declaration?

The New Zealand Traveller Declaration is an online system that travellers will be able to use to complete a declaration before they travel to New Zealand. It is not currently a requirement for travellers to complete this to enter New Zealand.

The system helps protect New Zealand and will support travellers to follow border rules. It was an important tool used in supporting the safe reopening of New Zealand’s borders during 2022.

What happens to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration now?

Travellers will still need to complete the Passenger Arrival Card, which is handed out onboard your flight to New Zealand. The New Zealand Traveller Declaration will be reintroduced in the middle of 2023 and will replace the paper Passenger Arrival Card.

Customs NZ is working with other border agencies, including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Biosecurity New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Transport, to modernise our border. This will help travellers move through our airports and improve the safety and security of New Zealand.

This year, we will be getting feedback from travellers and airlines on new features and improvements to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration, as we get ready for it to be reintroduced.