New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Anyone travelling to New Zealand by air must complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration prior to check-in.

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What you will need


Proof of vaccination – if required

Travel history for 14 days

Flight details

Proof of either a pre-departure test or medical exemption

Contact details

Emergency contact details

Managed Isolation Quarantine booking – if required

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Complete before departure

About the Declaration

If you are travelling to New Zealand by air, you must complete the official New Zealand Traveller Declaration before you travel to New Zealand.

The information you provide will be used to let you know what you need to do when you arrive in New Zealand: such as self-test on arrival or enter quarantine-free.

You need to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration and be issued with a Traveller Pass to board your flight to New Zealand.

Resources to help complete the New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Things to note

  • You must complete this declaration if arriving by air. This includes New Zealand citizens and residents, children and infants, and transit passengers.
  • You must complete this declaration before you travel to New Zealand.
  • You will be asked to show your Traveller Pass at check-in by your airline and on arrival in New Zealand.
  • You need to provide a negative COVID-19 pre-departure test when you submit your declaration, unless you are exempt.
  • You can start your declaration 28 days before your flight.
  • You should submit your declaration as soon as you have your pre-departure test result, so there is time to verify and review your documents before your flight.
  • It is free to complete the declaration.
  • Non-New Zealand citizens must meet COVID-19 vaccine requirements to enter the country.
  • You should not provide false or misleading information. It may result in your declaration being declined, and a penalty or other enforcement action.
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